How To Tie a Headwrap in 7 Fabulous Ways (Tutorial video)

Tie a headwrap
How to tie a headwrap in 7 fabulous ways

Say goodbye to bad hair days. No need to worry anymore about a twist out fail or having no idea what hairstyle to wear out. Headwraps are quick, simple solutions to bad hair days. A headwrap is a great accessory to go with any outfit. They are worn for religious purposes, modesty or just for fashion.

Headwraps have really grown in style versatility and there are so many colors, patterns, and prints available. They can be worn on various occasions, weddings, school or dinner. There are many different ways to tie a headwrap. With a little practice, you can tie one in a few minutes without a mirror.

I have compiled a list of headwrap styles and tutorials that show variety in styles, creativity, and ease.

Here is what you would need;

To start off, you would need a long rectangular headwrap/scarf. Some of the best materials to use are chiffon, viscose, and African prints. Silk can be used but may not hold well especially if you intend wearing it over your locs or braids. These headwraps are readily available at local fashion stores.

7 fabulous ways to tie a headwrap

1. The Top Knot

Top knot headwrap

This headwrap style is a stylish way of winding your headwrap in a bun on the top of your head very close to your forehead. Don’t forget to rock this with some bold earrings and lipstick.

2. The Cinnamon Roll

how to tie a headwrap

This is quite similar to that of the top knot but this time the knot is at the back of your head.

3. The Big Bun

Big bun headwrap

To achieve this style, you put your hair in a puff and wrap the headscarf around it to cover it totally. You can leave out some baby hair if you want.

4. Headwrap with a bang

headwrap with bang

You want some of those kinks popping out? Then this would be your favorite headwrap style.

Check out this tutorial from Brandi Lofton showing how to achieve these four fabulous headwrap styles.

5. The bow headwrap

bow headscarf

This is a stylish way to be creative with your headwraps. To get a bow, make two loops or bunny ears with your headwrap. Fold the left loop over the right loop and bring it around and back through the center hole.

Watch this tutorial on how to achieve this look.

6. Turban style

Turban headwrap

This is a simple but stylish way to tie your headwrap. Turbans come in different sizes. You can create a large one or a small one.

Watch how Dimma Umeh created a simple turban headwrap style

7. Twisted crown

Another stylish way to rock your headwrap. The scarf is tied and wound around the head to form a crown.

Watch this tutorial on how to achieve this look

How do you tie your Headwrap? Do share it with us in the comments section below?