7 Natural Hairstyles you can do when Transitioning

Transitioning hairstyles

Transitioning to natural hair can be quite difficult at times because you have to deal with two different hair textures. Having a go-to natural hairstyle can make transitioning much easier.

Because you deal with different textures, you can hardly wear your hair out. However, there are amazing hairstyles you can do to make your different textures blend into one.

Bantu knots

Bantu Knots on natural hair

Bantu knots are a cute and stylish hairstyle originally worn by certain cultural groups and some women of African descent.  It’s simple to do and a perfect way to keep those processed ends tucked away. It works well for all hair types. They are made by twisting your hair around itself until it forms a knot that resembles a stack of tires.

Mini twists

Mini twists are a game-changer if you want to put your hair in a protective style and leave it in for weeks. They are essentially tiny twists much smaller than the diameter of a pencil. In some cases, many twists are so small that they appear lose rather than twisted.

Mini twists last longer anywhere from three to six weeks than larger twists. They are a great option for people with little density because they create the illusion of volume minus hair. Because they are small they tend to frizz and age quickly. They also allow for more versatility in styling. It is much easier to achieve a range of styles with mini twists than larger twists. This is a perfect way to protect your fragile ends from too much manipulation.


Transitioning hairstyles

This is by far the most popular hairstyle in the world. Cornrows are a style of hair braiding in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp using the underhand, upward motion to make continuous, raised row. They are often formed in simple straight lines or tweaked to form curves.

This is a perfect protective style for those transitioning and can be adorned with beads, hair cuffs, or cowrie shells. Cornrows can be left in for weeks at a time if maintained through careful washing of the hair and regular oiling of the scalp.

Halo braids

Halo braids on natural hair

Halo braids are a beginner-friendly, elegant and versatile hairstyle. This hairstyle works well for a variety of hair types. It looks good on straight, wavy, curly, and kinky hair and can be worn on so many occasions including weddings. This hairstyle can be done on nearly any length of hair.

Flat twists

flat twists on natural hair

Flat twists are similar to cornrows but may be easier for beginners or those working with their own hair. You can wear them up for multiple days in a row or use them to create bouncy curls overnight known as a twist out.

Instead of working with three sections of hair as you do with cornrows, flat twists only required two sections as a time. Don’t know how to do a flat twist? We have a tutorial here for you.


Buns are classic and never go out of style. Although buns are usually worn quite simply, with your ends neatly tucked away either put up on the top of your head or rolled down to the back to create a sleek look, buns are quite versatile. You can create a high bun, a space bun, or a sleek bun. Whichever you choose, a bun is a perfect way to style your hair when transitioning.

Roll and tuck

transitioning hairstyles

Roll and tuck is a quick and easy style to protect your ends. Roll and tuck describe any hairstyle where you roll your hair, tuck in inside of itself, and then pin it in place. This ultimate natural hairstyle works for most hair lengths and is appropriate for a variety of occasions. You can wear it to a wedding, a day at the beach, to work and date nights.

There you have it girl! Seven natural hairstyles you can do when transitioning.

Which have you tried? Which would you be trying soon?