How to do a Sleek Low Bun on Natural Hair

Who else loves to wear their hair in a sleek low bun? It’s a cheap, easy, and quick hairstyle you can do especially if you want to switch up your look a little. It’s great for all occasions- work, wedding, date night, school, or a hangout. Moreover, you don’t need any fancy products. Got a gel? Then, you are good to go.

Whether your hair is short, medium-length or long, you can achieve the sleekiest low bun and slay effortlessly.

What you’ll need

  1. Hair mist or moisturizer
  2. Brush
  3. Hairbands
  4. Gel
  5. Satin scarf
  6. Marley hair (optional)

The trick to getting the sleekiest bun ever is to always start on a well-moisturized hair. Make sure to either wash or spray your hair with your preferred moisturizer before you start.

Here are some youtube vloggers with varying lengths of hair show us how to achieve a sleek low bun that gets heads turning in your direction.

Sleek low bun on short natural hair

Who would believe that your Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA) can create the sleekiest bun ever? Well, Dolorian Lynn shows us in this tutorial that anything is possible with short natural hair.

Sleek bun on medium length hair

If you have medium length hair, then Queeny Kaay will be showing you how to get a sleek bun that lasts a long time.

Sleek bun on long natural hair

Long natural hair too can sleek easily with or without gel. Here is a tutorial by Limitless Bloom on how to achieve a sleek low bun without gel.

Sleek low bun on long natural hair with gel


For a long-lasting sleek low bun, make sure to cover your hair at night with a silk scarf to keep your bun in place. You can reapply a little more gel every morning before heading out.

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