Is Gorilla Snot Gel the Best for Natural Hair?

Gorilla snot gel on thick 4C natural hair

Have you been thinking of trying the Gorilla snot gel on your natural hair? There are so many gels out there, and each has its own individual and unique properties.

I recently tried the gorilla snot gel on my natural hair for the first time and to be honest this could be the best gel for thick natural 4C hair. 

I wanted a gel that would give my thick natural hair a long lasting hold with no flakes and after a thorough research on YouTube, I found the Gorilla snot gel.

What is Gorilla Snot Gel?

Gorilla snot gel has been around for a very long time. It was invented in Mexico by Moco De Gorila, a Mexican hair product company, for punk and Mohawk rockers.

However, it became popular in the natural hair community about seven years ago because of its strong hold.

It comes in four variants;

Different types of gorilla snot gel
  • Punk: This comes in a yellow bottle and a hold factor of 10
  • Rocker: This comes in a red bottle and has a hold factor of 8
  • Galan: This comes in a green bottle and has a hold factor of 8
  • Sports Energizer: This is the extreme version. It is the strongest and comes in a purple bottle and has a hold factor of 10

The texture of the gorilla snot gel feels sticker than most gels  and I guess that’s where the name ‘snot’ came from. It has a good smell too.

What are the ingredients in Gorilla Snot Gel?

Water (aqua), PVP, alcohol, PEG-150, sorbitol, hydroxyethylcellulose, triethanolamine, carbomer, cyamopsis, tetragonoloba (guar) gum, fragrance (Parfum), yellow 10 (Cl 47005), yellow 6 (Cl 15985), green 8 (Cl 59040), methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone.

However, these ingredients are not beneficial for natural hair, the alcohol in the product would cause your hair to dry out quickly. If you must use this product ensure you moisturise your hair properly before applying it.

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How to use Gorilla Snot Gel

The application of the gel is simple; First, you moisturise your hair thoroughly using the LOC or LCO method. Then, apply a portion of gorilla snot gel on your fingers, and style hair to create the desired look.

It is helpful to tie a satin or silk scarf over the hair after applying the gel. This would help lay your edges down properly.

If you have thick natural hair, it can be used to hold your entire hair down in a preferred style. It can also be used to lay your edges. It has a great hold for edges.

Do not leave it in your hair for too long – a day or two at most.

If you have thin hair, I’ll advise you to go for a milder styling gel.

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How well does Gorilla Snot Gel hold Natural Hair?

The gorilla snot gel is thicker than your regular gel and it works to hold down the hair flat for hours. It almost works like glue.

How to remove Gorilla Snot Gel

How you remove this gel from your natural hair could make or break your hair. Using the right technique is essential. Don’t try to peel it off. Use warm water and shampoo to thoroughly wash it off your hair. Then follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to restore moisture to your hair and counteract the drying effects of gorilla snot.

Pros and cons of using Gorilla Snot Gel on Natural Hair 

Before you decide on getting this product you want to ensure you weigh the pros and cons of this product.


It has the best hold

This product has a long lasting hold. It acts as a fantastic edge control. It keeps your style in for a really long time.

It is cheap

This gels costs about $7 for the 9 oz bottle  which is quite affordable compared to some styling gels that are more expensive.

It is easy to find 

The Gorilla snot gel can be found in most beauty supply stores and supermarkets. You can also find it at most online retailers such as Amazon or Jumia.


It dries up the hair

The alcohol in the gel can cause your hair to dry up and feel lifeless. If you must use this product then make sure to moisturise your hair thoroughly and not leave it in for too long.

It leaves residue 

Yes, the Gorilla snot gel is non-flaking but it still leaves residue that looks  like rubber pieces.

It has colour 

The gel is coloured and may leave some visible colours on the hair if not blended into the hair properly or if excess is used.

Where to get the gorilla snot gel 

You can get it in your local beauty supply store. Get it online from Amazon or Jumia.

Have you ever used the Gorilla Snot Gel? What was your experience?