5 Braids Hairstyle From Lola Oj For The Season

Braids Hairstyle

Be Inspired with these braid hairstyles from Lola Oj.

Lola Ojetola, popularly known as Lola Oj is serving us some braid hairstyle inspiration this season. The lifestyle and beauty blogger just know how to give us inspirations on howto wear our hair and still look dope.

From her signature short hair to colored wigs and weaves to beautiful jaw-dropping unique braids we are totally loving.

If you are looking for your next hairstyle, be inspired by these braid hairstyles from Lola Oj.

1. Purple braids

lola oj and darling nigeria

We weren’t joking when we said she is the queen of colored wigs. Purple looks so royal. This new Darling Nigeria collection would give you an outstanding look just like this.

2. Two color braids

lola oj

Ever thought of an unusual way to wear two colors of braids? Lola Oj shows us a dope way of wearing two colors. Give this look a try.

3.Braids with beads

braid hairstyle from lolaoj

Beads are back. Gone are the days when beads were for kids. These transparent beads surely would make your braid game on fleek. Want to switch up your everyday normal braid look? Add some beads to it.

4.Wine braids

braid hairstyles

Another one from the Queen of color. These wine briads are another dope braid hairstyle to try this season.

5. Ghana Weaving

lola oj

Spot those laid edges. Ghana weaving with sleek edges. To get the best out of this look, you sure need a gel to get those edges well laid.

And there you have it. Five braid hairstyle inspiration from Lola Oj.

Which of these styles do you love? Which do you wear soon? Tell us in the comment section.

PHOTO CREDIT: @lola_oj