DIY: Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo

Black Soap Shampoo
Black Soap

We all know the rave about the African Black Soap. Guess what? It’s not just a hype but a fact. Black Soap has many benefits when it comes to using it as a shampoo.

Benefits of using African Black Soap for your hair

  • Cleanses the scalp. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of black soap makes it a powerful cleansing agent.
  • Defines curl pattern
  • Helps cure scalp conditions such as itching, flakes etc.
  • Plays a great role in hair growth

I’m a DIY Freak, so I’ll always have an option, yes, something to replace your store-bought sulfate hair shampoo or even something to whip up just when you run out of your favorite hair shampoo.

So I’ll share with you an amazing All Natural yet Moisturizing Hair Shampoo made from some of earth’s finest ingredients.


Black soap, Coconut oil, Moringa oil, Moringa powder, Aloe Vera gel, Honey, Ginger and lemon juice.


  • Get the black soap and melt with hot water. About 250 ml of hot water is appropriate. This could be an overnight process as you want the soap to be totally dissolved.
  • Add ginger and lemon juice and stir thoroughly.
  • (To prepare ginger juice: cut a piece of ginger, peel off and grate, squeeze out juice)
    (To make lemon juice: cut one lemon or half depending on shampoo quantity, squeeze out juice.)
  • Add Moringa oil, Aloe Vera and honey. Stir well.
  • Add Moringa powder and stir.
  • Follow with coconut oil and stir to desired consistency.
  • Add more water as desired.

Now your Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo is ready.


Aloe Vera is a great natural moisturizer, it moisturizes more than water(yes) leaves your hair soft and manageable.

Honey also is great as it adds shine and volume to the hair. It is a perfect humectant that helps draw moisture from the air to your hair.

Moringa oil and powder are great hair growth recipe, it will grow your hair like crazy.

Coconut oil makes sure your hair isn’t left dry after washing as it helps seal in the moisture and fight fungal and bacterial infection.

Ginger and Lemon heals itchy scalp and fights dandruff as they contain great antibacterial properties.

Now, you know better. Why not run into the kitchen and make up something.

Tip: This shampoo is great for both kids and adult.
Feel free to alternate measurements depending on the quantity you intend to produce per batch.

Stay tuned for more amazing Recipes.